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itschel-uh-see asked:

Just know that reading is fundamental. I'm contradicting myself? Read bitch. I said you volunteered that info and I scanned ya shit because all of that is true, but I'm done so you no longer have to search for wack ass insults to reply with.


Yes, reading is fundamental. 

You needed to make what is called an inference. I said that you couldn’t have simply scanned my blog because you accurately quoted information that was posted months ago. I post a lot, daily. You’d have to do more than “scan” to figure these things out. But whatever. 

I don’t know why you saying “I’m done” like you didn’t bring this whole thing on ya self. Work on some self confidence exercises. This attempted cyber bullying from you is a sign of poor home life. I’m sorry they don’t love you, but you need to square up with them and not bring your self esteem issues to my inbox. I don’t know why dad left.  :)





No fucks given. Niggas have THEEE most to say and have the most to work on. How tf are you an wanna be ex fat boy talking about ppl on a regular? Like I know middle school was hard for you fam but that was at least 22 yrs ago like you gotta stop eating your feelings

I still don’t get how she insultin him

I don’t get it……………… 

#stahp #riding #his #dick
He won’t see this sweetheart

Lol throwing pointless shade

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